CENT | Computational and Experimental NanoTechnology Group


Advances in nanotechnology have led to the emergence of brand new materials. With the use of nanoscale materials with superior properties compared to the materials we have known for a long time, it will be possible to create sensors with extraordinary properties and equipped with brand new functions. With the experiments and theoretical studies we have carried out in our group, we investigate sensors from atomic scale properties to their possible applications.


In the very near future, nanotechnology products obtained by combining atomic or molecular scale parts will become part of our everyday life. Therefore, investigation of the properties of nanoscale materials which will be the building blocks of nano devices is an important need in terms of ongoing technological studies. We perform theoretical and experimental studies on graphene and similar materials. Although these materials are one- or few-atom-thick they are quite stable and offer some uniques features.


Perovskite materials are promising candidates for the future optoelectronic technology. Conversion rate of sunlight into electricity is quite high for perovskite solar panels. In our team we mainly synthessize and characterize all-inorganic perovskites. For deeper understanding of their characteristic properties we also perform state-of-the-art ab initio calculations.

Theoretical Methods

  • Raman and IR Spectrum
    We perform phonon calculations for determination of characterstic Raman and IR spectrum
  • Electronic Properties
    Band Dispersion, HOMO-LUMO levels, Fermi Energy, Workfunction, Charge Transfer
  • Magnetism
    Determination of magnetic ordering by computational tools. Magnetic Anisotropy and Spintronics.
  • Mechanical Properties
    Computing Bulk Modulus, Youngs Modulus, Stiffness, Fracturation, Yield Strain and Strain-dependent Properties

Experimental Techniques

  • Sensor Devices
    Determination of sensing characteristics of ultra-thin-crystal-based sensors
  • Raman Spectrometer
    Determination of phononic characteristics and thickness dependent vibrational properties of nanoscale materials
  • Atomic Force Microscope
    Synthesis of 2D Crystals by Mechanical Exfoliation, Sonication and Growth Techniques
  • Photoluminescence
    Measuring the PL and absorption spectrum

Materials of Interest

  • Graphene
    Nanoribbons, Dots, Heterostructures
  • Perovskites
    CsPbBr3, CH3NH3PbI3, BaTiO3
  • Transition Metal Chalcogenides
    MoS2, WS2, ReS2,
  • Metal Hydroxides
    Mg(OH)2, Ca(OH)2
  • Bulk and Polymers
    ZnO, P3HT
  • Heterostructures
    vand der Waals Bilayers and encapsulated Perovskites