Master, PhD and Postdoc Positions in Our Team

Master, PhD and Postdoc Positions are currently available in our team (CENT Group in Department of Photonics). Enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals who are interested in our research are encouraged to apply.

Postdoc Positions

are available in CENT for the candidates who have expertise on one of the following are encouraged to send their CV.

  • Experimental Techniques (Raman, AFM, STM, XRD)
  • Synthesis of Graphene and similar 2D Crystals such as MoS2
  • Theoretical Condensed Matter
  • Computational Physics
  • Analytical Calculations


Postdocs may also apply via TUBITAK projects.

PhD Students

are expected to hold a Master’s degree in Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science. PhD students can have strong expertise on the following topics

  • Optical Properties and Bandgap Engineering
  • Experimental and Theoretical Phonon Analysis
  • Materials for Solar-cell Applications
  • Superconductivity
  • Molecular Transport and Spintronics


PhD Students may also apply via TUBITAK fellowship

Master Students

the main topic of the thesis will be “Novel Materials for Nanotechnology”. During their master studies, students will have chance to learn both experimental devices and theoretical approaches. Students can choose one of the following sub-topics

  • Theoretical Calculations using Density Functional Theory
  • Experimental Study for Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials


Master Students may also apply via TUBITAK fellowship