CENT | Computational and Experimental NanoTechnology Group

Theoretical Methods

  • Raman and IR Spectrum
    We perform phonon calculations for determination of characterstic Raman and IR spectrum
  • Electronic Properties
    Band Dispersion, HOMO-LUMO levels, Fermi Energy, Workfunction, Charge Transfer
  • Magnetism
    Determination of magnetic ordering by computational tools. Magnetic Anisotropy and Spintronics.
  • Mechanical Properties
    Computing Bulk Modulus, Youngs Modulus, Stiffness, Fracturation, Yield Strain and Strain-dependent Properties

Experimental Techniques

  • Raman Spectrometer
    Determination of phononic characteristics and thickness dependent vibrational properties of nanoscale materials
  • Atomic Force Microscope
    Synthesis of 2D Crystals by Mechanical Exfoliation, Sonication and Growth Techniques
  • Photoluminescence
    Measuring the PL and absorption spectrum

Materials of Interest

  • Graphene
    Nanoribbons, Dots, Heterostructures
  • Perovskites
    CsPbBr3, CH3NH3PbI3, BaTiO3
  • Transition Metal Chalcogenides
    MoS2, WS2, ReS2,
  • Metal Hydroxides
    Mg(OH)2, Ca(OH)2
  • Bulk and Polymers
    ZnO, P3HT
  • Heterostructures
    vand der Waals Bilayers and encapsulated Perovskites