95-) ZnS/ZnSe Quantum Dots: Tunable Optical Properties via Mn Functionalization
ongoing (2018)

94-) Anisotropic Phononic Characteristics of Tantalum Chalcogenides
ongoing (2018)

93-) Methoxyphenyl Grafted Graphene for Nano-transistor Applications
ongoing (2018)

- - -

92-) Anisotropic Optical Properties of Excitons and Trions in TiS3
Phys Rev B submitted (2018)

91-) Blue Light Emitting CsPbBr3 Perovskites
Phys Rev B submitted (2018)

90-) Monitoring the Stacking of Janus Bilayers via Phonons
Phys Rev B submitted (2018)

89-) Raman Activity in Isotropic and Anisotropic 2D Crystals
Phys Rev B submitted (2018)

88-) Controlled Silicate Formation Through Vinyl Acids
Geothermics submitted (2018)

87-) Janus In2SSe Crystals: High Strain-Tolerance
Phys Rev B submitted (2018)

86-) ReS2H2: Raman Fingerprints and Electronic Properties
ACS NANO submitted (2018)

85-) Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Hexanedithol Functionalized MoS2
Nanoscale submitted (2018)

84-) Strain Tunable Magnetic Anisotropy in RuCl3
J. Mater. Chem. C, accepted (2018)

Our Ongoing Projects are

We synthesize Perovskite crystals and theoretically investigate their electronic and optical properties


Investigation of How Perovskite crystals are Degraded