Francois M. Peeters, University of Antwerp, BELGIUM
We frequently perform collaborative theoretical studies with Condensed Matter Theory (CMT) team led by Francois

Angel Rubio, Max Plank Institute for Structure and Dynamics of Matter at Hamburg, GERMANY
Nano-Bio Spectroscopy Group led by Angel focuses on theoretical studies on the optical properties of molecular and crystal structures

Patrick Vogt, Technische Universitat Berlin, GERMANY
Experimental synthesis and modification of Silicene and STM, ARPES, AFM and Raman measurements

Rahul Nair, The University of Manchester, UK
Rahul Nair, from the 2010 Nobel prize-winning team of Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, performs experiments on graphene, fluorographene and graphane

Mikhail Shuba, Belarusian State University
Prof Shuba has expertise on theory of optical scattering by achiral carbon nanotubes and their potential as optical nanoantennas.

Nathan Newman, Arizona State University, USA
Experimetal studies on Microwave Ceramic Dielectrics

Steven de Feyter, KU Leuven, BELGIUM
De Feyter Group performs experimetal studies on Molecular Imaging and Photonics

Sefaattin Tongay, Arizona State University, USA
Sefaattin's team has a strong expertise on experimental tools (HRTEM, PL, STM, Raman, XRD) and synthesis techniques of 2D crystals

Filippo Giannazzo, CNR, Istituto per la Microelettronica e i Microsistemi, ITALY
Experimental studies on Nitrides, Perovskites and MoS2. STM, ARPES, TEM and XRD measurements

Dietrich R T Zahn, Technische Universitat Chemnitz, GERMANY
Photoemission, Raman Scattering, and Electrical Transport Measurements of Metal/Semiconductor Contacts and Heterostructures

Guy Le Lay, Aix-Marseille University, FRANCE
Experimental synthesis and characterization of Silicene. Reconstructions and functionalization of monolayer silicenes

R. Tugrul Senger, Dept of Physics, IZTECH
We frequently perform collaborative theoretical studies with MEST Model team led by Prof Senger

Mustafa Demir, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering, IZTECH
We perform joint studies with Prof Demir's team on synthesis of Cs-perovskites and vinyl-effect on silicate formation.

Mustafa Emrullahoglu, Dept of Chemistry, IZTECH
Prof Emrullahoglu's team has strong expertise on Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry

Andrey Chaves, Universidade Federal do Ceara, Depart de Fisica, BRASIL
Theoretical investigation of excitonic properties and screening properties of two-dimensional crystals

Jun Kang, Beijing Computational Science Research Center, CHINA
First-principles calculations of structural, electronic and vibrational properties of graphenelike crystals

Engin Torun University du Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG
Theoretical calculations on the optical properties of ultra-thin crystal structures

Andrew Walter, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
Experimental studies on fluorination of graphene and similar crystals. STM, ARPES, TEM and XRD measurements

Andres-Castellanos Gomez, IMDEA Nanoscience Madrid, SPAIN
Prof Gomez's team has a solid expertise on synthesis and characterization of two-dimesional crystals such as MoS2, black phosphorus and TiS3

Arthur F. Hebard, University of Florida, USA
Experimental studies on determination and manipulation of magnetism in novel structures