Research in CENT Group

CENT (Computational & Experimental NanoTechnology) Group led by Dr. Hasan Sahin conducts theoretical and experimental research to identify and understand the fundamental physical mechanisms underlying the surface, interface and transport behavior of crystals and molecular materials. For theoretical investigation of Electronic, Magnetic, Optical, Vibrational and Quantum Transport properties of structures we use state-of-the-art DFT approaches. Team members has a solid expertise on the softwares based on Density Functional Theory. For deeper understanding of experimental results obtained by our collaborators and for experimental realization of our theoretical predictions we also perform collaborative studies with experimentalists.

Turkish Academy of Sciences

Dr Sahin is awarded by Turkish Academy of Sciences as one of the Outstanding Young Scientists (TUBA GEBIP)

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METU Parlar Award

2017 METU Parlar Foundation Research Award has been given to Assoc. Prof. Hasan Sahin

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Award by IZTECH

Sahin Research Group is selected as the most productive team of IZTECH in 2017. Congratulations...

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1001 Project funded by TUBITAK

1001 - Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program funds our project on "Electronic and Optical Properties of Ultrathin Heterostructures"

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Oustanding achievements of Sahin Research Group are awarded by BAGEP and FABED

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Student and Postdoc Positions

Master, PhD and Postdoc Positions are available in CENT Group.

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